Larry J. Fowler MD

I have been a longtime user of ImmunoQuery back during Dr. Frisman’s early web‐based immunopanels and endorsed such usage in: Fowler LJ, Lachar WA, Application of Immunohistochemistry to Cytology, Arch Pathol Lab Med. 2008;132:373‐383. Prior and since I have encouraged its use as a teaching tool for pathology residents and fellows (as well as an ongoing educational tool for the Board Certified pathologist) and utilize it on a weekly basis. It stays up to date giving the anatomic pathologist the suggestions for the best “evidence‐based” panel of antibodies for immunochemical evaluation of neoplasia for “cost‐effective” ordering.

Dennis Frisman MD has provided a lasting contribution to the improvement of pathology diagnosis, improved patient care quality as well as improved cost effectiveness of immunohistochemical panels through his initial vision followed by many hours assembling the data that he gleaned manually from the top pathology journals.

Larry J. Fowler MD
Professor, Dept of Pathology
Univ of Florida College of Medicine‐ Gainesville
Former Chair of PRODS
Former Chair of ASCP MOC Committee