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Candice C. Black, DO FCAP

Thank you Dr. Frisman, for all of the time that you save me daily during IHC investigation of my more difficult cases! I am grateful that you took on the enormous task of translating a vast array of literature into a user friendly database.

Candice C. Black DO FCAP
Associate Professor of Pathology
Residency Program Director, Anatomic and Clinical Pathology
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center ‐ Norris Cotton Cancer Center
Lebanon, NH

S. Joseph Sirintrapun MD

Immunoquery from its very beginnings revolutionized how people select immunohistochemical panels. In many ways, it was what “Google” became for search engines. No more looking through endless results on PubMed. Immunoquery simplified the task of immunohistochemical selection, easing at least one aspect of an increasingly complicated practice of “day to day” pathology signout. There has not been another tool like it since. Kudos to Dr. Frisman, whose vision brought us Immunoquery. S. Joseph Sirintrapun MD Assistant Professor, Pathology Wake Forest University School of Medicine Winston-Salem, NC

Larry J. Fowler MD

I have been a longtime user of ImmunoQuery back during Dr. Frisman’s early web‐based immunopanels and endorsed such usage in: Fowler LJ, Lachar WA, Application of Immunohistochemistry to Cytology, Arch Pathol Lab Med. 2008;132:373‐383. Prior and since I have encouraged its use as a teaching tool for pathology residents and fellows (as well as an ongoing educational tool for the Board Certified pathologist) and utilize it on a weekly basis. It stays up to date giving the anatomic pathologist the suggestions for the best “evidence‐based” panel of antibodies for immunochemical evaluation of neoplasia for “cost‐effective” ordering.

Dennis Frisman MD has provided a lasting contribution to the improvement of pathology diagnosis, improved patient care quality as well as improved cost effectiveness of immunohistochemical panels through his initial vision followed by many hours assembling the data that he gleaned manually from the top pathology journals.

Larry J. Fowler MD
Professor, Dept of Pathology
Univ of Florida College of Medicine‐ Gainesville
Former Chair of PRODS
Former Chair of ASCP MOC Committee

Martha C. Lehman MD

Dr. Frisman’s website has been an innovative and extremely valued asset for practicing pathologists. He made immunohistochemistry studies easy for all pathologists around the world. I use his website on almost a daily basis. I cannot imagine practicing pathology without this major resource. Dr. Frisman is a genius! Thanks so much and keep up the good work.

Martha C. Lehman MD
Laverty Pathology

Ronald L. Weiss MD

Although I am not an every‐day user of ImmunoQuery, I nevertheless recognize the immense value that this program delivers to practicing pathologists. The proliferation of immunohistochemical stains in pathology have provided pathologists with important tools for confirming histologic impressions with greater specificity and accuracy. This affords for better care to patients. ImmunoQuery has evolved into an indispensible tool for selecting and interpreting immunohistochemical stains to serve this purpose. Dr. Frisman has made an indelible mark on the practice of pathology by creating and continuously improving this tool. He is to be congratulated and thanked.

Ronald L. Weiss MD
Professor of Pathology
Staff Hematopathologist
University of Utah School of Medicine
Department of Pathology/ARUP Laboratories
Salt Lake City, UT

Alyson Booth MD

I have been in practice for 10 years and have been using ImmunoQuery since residency, when Dr. Stacey Mills turned us on to this website. It is an invaluable tool in daily practice. I really like both the ability to build antibody and diagnosis panels to compare results, especially when I have difficult cases. The addition of the suggested antibody panel is also very helpful in navigating the vast list of antibodies in the comprehensive panel. Thanks for developing and continuing this fantastic website for so many years! Alyson Booth MD Medical Director, Spectrum Health Laboratories Grand Rapids, MI

Learn About a Dx

Learn About a Dx allows you to review subtypes and see a 1-dx panel for your chosen diagnosis. Browse abstracts from peer-reviewed literature from all fields of pathology.

Learn About Dx

Build Antibody (Ab) Panel

Antibody research moves quickly, and ImmunoQuery will keep you on top of the game! Search for similarly reacting antibodies in our generous database of abs. The meta-analysis covers the most popular and up-and-coming clones in the field of pathology.

AB Panel

Build Diagnoses (Dx) Panel

Compare over 2,000 diagnoses from all pathology specialties! The Dx Panel feature allows the pathologist to select the top differentiating antibodies for any 1-, 2-, or 3-Dx comparison. The information is up-to-date and statistically significant with the backing of nearly 1,500,000 cases from peer-reviewed literature.

DX Panel

Analyze Results

Confirm your suspected diagnosis in a few easy steps! By entering your lab’s staining results into our Analyze Results feature, ImmunoQuery will suggest the most likely diagnosis using the power of the meta-analysis.

Analyze Results