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Learn About a Dx

Learn About a Dx allows you to review subtypes and see a 1-dx panel for your chosen diagnosis. Browse abstracts from peer-reviewed literature from all fields of pathology.

Learn About Dx

Build Antibody (Ab) Panel

Antibody research moves quickly, and ImmunoQuery will keep you on top of the game! Search for similarly reacting antibodies in our generous database of abs. The meta-analysis covers the most popular and up-and-coming clones in the field of pathology.

AB Panel

Build Diagnoses (Dx) Panel

Compare over 2,000 diagnoses from all pathology specialties! The Dx Panel feature allows the pathologist to select the top differentiating antibodies for any 1-, 2-, or 3-Dx comparison. The information is up-to-date and statistically significant with the backing of nearly 1,500,000 cases from peer-reviewed literature.

DX Panel

Analyze Results

Confirm your suspected diagnosis in a few easy steps! By entering your lab’s staining results into our Analyze Results feature, ImmunoQuery will suggest the most likely diagnosis using the power of the meta-analysis.

Analyze Results

Learn About an Antibody

Your first stop in evaluating an antibody! See clones for each antibody, review top-tested diagnoses and link to meta-analysis for each one. View abstracts from ImmunoQuery’s large database of references.

Learn About Ab

Earn CME Credit

Stay current with the changing pathology landscape, and grow as a professional with ImmunoQuery CME. ImmunoQuery users can earn point of care (PoC) learning credit for the queries they perform in ImmunoQuery.

Claim CME Credit