Save costs. Customize your ImmunoQuery search!

  • Uses your in-house AB inventory to reach your diagnostic panel
  • Reduces IHC costs
  • Maximizes use of in-house antibodies
  • Increases efficiency by reducing re-orders
  • Reduces total number of IHC panels run
  • Gives you a faster turn around time

Promotes efficient use of existing antibody inventory.

Custom Sync Purchasing Details

  • Custom Sync is an annual subscription
  • Requires ImmunoQuery institutional license
  • Upgrade will be pro-rated to your remaining subscription
  • Includes custom mapping to your lab’s ab inventory
  • Includes customization of our own ab names
  • Includes access for all group members, unlimited queries, and two concurrent users seats
  • Credit card or invoice purchase
Custom Sync upgrade: $1450.00
Special Discounted Price: $999.00
One time setup fee: $599.00
Special Discounted Price: $349.00
Please contact [email protected] for CustomSync inquiries or a price quote.