How do I order an antibody?

To order an antibody in the Suggested Panel, click on “Add to Order” hyperlink. A green checkmark appears next to the antibody name indicating that the antibody has been added to your antibody cart. Place your cursor over the cart; notice that it will list the antibody you just selected. You may remove antibodies from your order by selecting the “Exclude this Antibody” hyperlink under the antibody name in the Suggested Panel or from the cart by clicking on the red minus sign next to the antibody name or the “remove all” hyperlink. Alternatively, on the Comprehensive Panel, you may click the icon labeled “Add to Order” to place this antibody in your cart. You may remove this antibody from your order by selecting the icon again. All antibodies in cart are listed with your laboratory’s preferred name. Select “Print Order” and the ImmunoQuery will generate a form you can print out, fill out the relevant information and attach it to your requisition and specimen bound for the lab.