How do I use the new Smart Search feature to run a single ab panel?

Perform a single Ab search of Smooth Muscle Actin. First, enter your first search term (i.e., “actin”). It can be a clone or class name. In the filtered list that is generated, find the desired antibody (shown in light blue, below). [For ideas on effective keyword searches, please review our Keyword Search post.]

To view the full alphanumeric list of antibody names in ImmunoQuery: if you prefer to search through the entire list of antibody names, click the View All link to the right of the search box. You will not need to enter any search terms into the text box.

Click the plusnext to “ACTIN-SM” or the name itself until it appears under the Selected ABS heading. To indicate that this antibody name has been selected, a check is shown next to the name.

In addition, the name “ACTIN-SM” appears under the Selected ABS heading. The infowill display associated antibody clone names the selection. You may remove “ACTIN-SM” from the selected ab list by clicking the minus next to the name.

Click thebuildpanel button to run this single antibody query.

[For information on running 2- and 3-ab queries, please review our “Run a 2-ab or 3-ab Panel” tutorial]